Best way to stack boxes in self storage unit

When you place boxes of your possessions in a self storage unit, it’s always a good idea to pack them carefully and stack them neatly. Otherwise, you risk damaging everything you are storing, whether it be clothes or glassware, sports equipment or antiques. By following these tips and suggestions, you can rest assured that your possessions will remain in good condition whether you are storing them for a week, a month, or several years. When organizing your storage unit, stack your boxes like this:

Make sure your boxes are full and that there is very little unused space within each box. If there is too much space, fill it with packing peanuts, crushed newspaper, or other filler. By eliminating the extra space, you will considerably reduce the risk that the box will become crushed.

Purchase uniformly sized boxes. It can be tempting to save a few bucks and simply reuse boxes you pick up from the grocery store, etc., but this creates a stacking nightmare reminiscent of a Tetris game. When you buy boxes that are all the same size, the corners will line up and provide support, thereby further reducing the risk of crushing.

Stack your heavy boxes on the bottom, and your lighter boxes toward the top. Heavy boxes placed atop lighter boxes will inevitably cause crushing. Plus, as the lighter boxes are crushed, they won’t be able to provide support, thus causing your stacks to collapse towards the floor.

Don’t stack your boxes too high. Consider how much weight you have in each box, and don’t ever put too much weight in a single stack. Further, you should never stack too many boxes atop collapsible wardrobes as these can be quite easily crushed when you do this.

Do not place furniture atop boxes. While you can place boxes atop furniture, you should be careful not to overload pieces such as tables, chairs, and couches as you can break or seriously them if you put too much weight on them.

Protect your boxes from moisture. Cardboard boxes are essentially paper, and moisture from leaking toiletries, food products, water containers, etc., can diminish their structural integrity and cause them to fail. As such, make sure all moisture containing containers are tightly sealed and placed in a position within your boxes so they cannot leak.

The bottom line is that if you store your possessions with care and consideration, you won’t have to worry about your boxes being crushed and your valuables damaged.

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