Self Storage in Penge, London, SE20

Business Storage

All your business needs are covered whether it be long term or short, large or small. Offering delivery acceptance, mail boxes and much more! Hassle free storage at incredibly low prices.

Stock Keeping

Running a business requires stock management that can be costly if you are paying for a warehouse that is half empty during quiet periods. Why suffer these crippling costs to your expenses through high rent, business rates, service charge and utility bills when there is a more cost-effective way to store stock. With Bonnys there is one simple price with everything included and you have no long-term contract tying you in for years on end, just 7 days’ notice is all that’s required, or you can change unit size at any time to suit your needs..

Online Business

In today’s world, technology has given us the unlimited potential of how big we can become and how far we can reach. Now, more than ever, online businesses are seeing rapid growth and expansion. Bonnys is the business partner which gives you the capability and, most importantly, the flexibility to do this. Change your unit size, up or down, to suit your needs and have deliveries accepted on your behalf, all at no extra cost.


Equipment & Materials

Whatever business you are in, your tools, equipment and materials can not only be very expensive, but they are the things that allow you to perform your work. Whether you work on a building site or in an office, without them you would be unable to do your job. Their security when they are not in use is crucial and leaving them your van, a garden shed or a garage can be a risk. Bonnys can provide you with secure and clean storage to put your mind at rest.


The requirement to store paperwork for several years can become a problem for even the most organised of us. Where to put the ever-increasing pile that you do not need to access frequently so that you have easy access to those you do need on hand. Bonnys can provide you with clean and secure storage for your records allowing you to maximise your organisation and efficiency.



Relocating your business can be very stressful especially if you have the added pressure of your income being at risk if you are not able to carry on work as normal. By storing at Bonnys you can get the essentials up and running so work can continue with little or no down time. Then, as things settle down, you can move other items to the new location as needed. Or maybe you are moving to temporary offices until a new permanent location is ready, all your office furniture and files can be kept secure with us until that time.


We Put Your Needs First

As a small, family business, Bonnys is our passion and our number one aim is to do right by our customers. Happy customers are what helps us to build our reputation.