Self Storage in Penge, London, SE20

Personal Storage

Moving home? Need more space? Renovating? Travelling? Whatever the reason, we are the solution and here to help with simple, straight forward storage and genuine, helpful staff.

Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful time, especially trying to time perfectly the moving out of one house and in to the next, a near impossible task. Moving your belongings into Bonnys during this time removes that stress, lifts the weight off your shoulders and allows you to breathe a little easier as you know your goods are safe, secure, and one less thing to worry about..

Decluttering or Renovating

We live in a world where we all have too much stuff. But this stuff is our lives, our parents, grandparents and children’s lives, things we will cherish forever, look back at and remember our happiest of memories. Of course, we need somewhere for these things. That place is Bonnys.

You may be selling your home and need to show potential buyers a blank canvas so they can picture themselves and their future life there. You may have seasonal items or other things you need on a not-so-often basis which Bonnys is perfect for. Or you may have no specific reason other than just needing a bit more space.


Travelling Abroad

Taking the first step to see the rest of the world is made so much easier and stress free by storing at Bonnys. When you’ve moved your belongings in and closed that padlock shut you suddenly have total peace of mind, everything is safe, your mind is clear and ready to take in the world and all of the wonderful things it has to offer.


We Put Your Needs First

As a small, family business, Bonnys is our passion and our number one aim is to do right by our customers. Happy customers are what helps us to build our reputation.