Self Storage in Penge, London, SE20


Find answers for common questions about Bonnys. If you cant find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.
What identification do I need to bring?
How often can I access my goods?
Can I give permission for other people to access my unit?
Can I have deliveries sent to site or items collected from the site if I am not available?
Can I reserve a room in advance? How long for?
What can't I store?
What if I have reserved a unit but my plans change and I need to move the date?
How tall are the storage units?
Can I store a fridge freezer or fridge?
Can I collect packing boxes from your stores?
Can I rent a padlock?
Can I return any unused packing materials I buy?
Can a friend pay my bill?
Can I transfer to another unit?
What happens if I forget my access code or lose my padlock key?
Do you have customer trolleys?
What security do you have?
Do the units have shelving?
Will I need insurance?
What are your opening hours?
How much does self storage cost?
Whats the maximum/minimum length of stay?
Do I have to pay a deposit?
How can I pay?

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