Finding the right storage for you…

  • Our extra tall units are up to 12ft high
  • Peace of mind that your items are secure
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Different shape units for different needs
  • Ground floor or First floor with use of lift
  • Deliveries signed for and held free of charge
  • From the size of a locker up to the size of a car garage
  • Mail boxes on site with a London address
  • Pin controlled access
  • Individually alarmed units
  • You are the only key holder
  • Only pay for the time you store
  • Just 7 days notice to leave
  • Transfer unit size up or down as circumstances change
  • CCTV inside and outside

Personal Storage

Moving home can be a stressful time, especially trying to time perfectly the moving out of one house and in to the next, a near impossible task. Moving your belongings into Bonnys during this time removes that stress, lifts the weight off your shoulders and allows you to breathe a little easier as you know your goods are safe, secure, and one less thing to worry about.

We live in a world where we all have too much stuff. But this stuff is our lives, our parents, grandparents and children’s lives, things we will cherish forever, look back at and remember our happiest of memories. Of course, we need somewhere for these things. That place is Bonnys. You may be selling your home and needing to show potential buyers a blanker canvas so they can picture themselves and their future life there. You may have seasonal items or other things you need on a not-so-often basis which Bonnys is perfect for. Or you may have no specific reason other than just needing the extra space.

Taking the first step to see the rest of the world is made so much easier and stress free by storing at Bonnys. When you’ve moved your belongings in and closed that padlock shut you suddenly have total peace of mind, everything is safe, your mind is clear and ready to take in the world and all of the wonderful things it has to offer.

Business Storage

Running a business everyone has busy and quiet periods. Having a huge warehouse to store your stock during busy periods is a burden when you’re not so busy and can add crippling costs to your expenses through higher rent, business rates, service charge and utility bills. Do the cost effective thing and store with Bonnys where everything is included in one simple price and you have no long term contract tying you in for years on end. When you no longer need us, just 7 days notice is all that’s needed. Online business? You really are in luck as you can cut your expenses to a minimum using us for all your stock, changing unit size as is needed.

In the modern world we live in, technology has given us unlimited potential to how big we can become and how far we can reach. The real secret though is how quickly it can be done! In the space of a few months the internet can blast you from a start up with little cash to millionaires at the click of a button. Bonnys is your business partner which gives you the capability and most importantly, the flexibility to do this. Changing up and down in unit size, at no extra cost, to suit your needs. Vacate with 7 days’ notice. Accept deliveries on your behalf.

Whatever business you are in, your tools, equipment and materials can not only be very expensive, but they are the things that allow you to carry out your job. Whether you work on a building site or in an office, without them you would be unable to do your job and earn your wage. That’s why safety and security are crucial and can be a huge, constant worry if your only storage is at home, in the van, a garden shed or a garage. The other plus of storing your equipment and materials at Bonnys is knowing that it will stay dry and untouched, you can put your things away clean, knowing when you get them back out they will be in the same condition.

Paperwork can be a nightmare for all of us, trying to keep it organised and out of the way can be a very time consuming task. Increasing the likeliness of mixing documents with the wrong files and hiding the important ones, which when needed urgently then cause a whole load of mess digging through it all to find that one sheet of paper! That’s why Bonnys is a must for storing your paper work and maximising your organisation and efficiency, allowing you to use your time for the things that matter most.

Unlike when moving home, when relocating your business you have the added pressure of your income being at risk if you are not able to carry on with work as normal. Until you get things completely straight at your new location, by storing at Bonnys you can get your essentials up and running so work can continue and then as things settle you can move other items to the new location as needed. This means very little down time and the smoothest of moves. There is also the case of moving in to temporary offices until a new permanent location is ready, all your office furniture and files can be kept secure with us until that time.

Student Storage

Not many students will need a unit the size of a garage to store their belongings whilst home during summer months or in between university house moves, however our lockers and smaller range of units from 10sqft – 25sqft are the ideal place for your valuable items. 50% off your first 8 weeks makes Bonnys such great value and you can even share with friends to save money.

Locker Storage

Sometimes you only want to store a few things. Skiing gear during summer. Swim suits and flip flops during winter. Christmas decorations any time other than Christmas! Bonnys lockers have solved your problem! 1 metre x 1 metre x 1 metre. Your box full of just about anything you can think of, that is small enough to fit. Only £2.75 per week for up to 8 weeks and then just £5.50 per week. Call Now!

Mail Service

Whether you’re living abroad, moving home or want a London address for your new business our mail service is the answer.  You can use the address for your Company Registered Office and/or Directors Correspondence Address to avoid your personal address being shown on the Companies House register and web search.  You may use the address for up to 10 individual Companies and/or Directors.

You will be notified by email when you receive mail and can either collect it from your mailbox or we can open it and forward it to you by WhatsApp or email.  We also offer a forwarding service charged at the Royal Mail rate of your choice plus a £2.50 handling charge. Deliveries accepted and signed for on your behalf means no rearranging delivery or going to the depot. We will even hold them for you for up to 7 days free of charge.

Just £24.00 per calendar month. (Prepay for 6 months 10% discount, 12 months 20% discount)

Size Estimator

The size estimator is there to help give you a better idea of what size unit you will need. It can still be difficult to work out so you can call us for some expert advice or we do recommend coming down to the facility and checking the different size units in person. If your short of time this can be done when moving in, even if you have reserved a different size unit our staff will be more than happy to change it for you. It can be surprising how much will fit in to a unit when stacked correctly, especially considering our units have more height than most of our competitors.

Special Offers

On storage units we are offering a great value 50% Off for up to 8 weeks. Prepay for 6 months storage and you will receive an extra 10% Discount. Prepay for 12 months storage and you will receive an extra 15% Discount. Set up to pay by Direct Debit and pay only half the fully refundable deposit.


We really have done the best prices possible so we can build on our reputation of being cheap with absolutely no compromise on Security, Quality and Professionalism. We believe what we have to offer at the price we’re offering is second to none. We truly have nothing to hide and that’s why we are different from so many other self storage companies by giving you our prices, clear and concise for all to see on our pricing page.

Short & Long Term

From just 7 days’ storage up until as long as you want, no long term contracts or leases and just 7 days’ notice when you leave. A full refund up to the day of your departure means you never lose out.

Introductory Offers

We have some of the best introductory offers in the storage industry as we know that once you try us, you will never look back and we will build a relationship together that will last a life time.

Transport & More

Whether you wish to hire a van to move your belongings or use a removal firm, we can speed the process up and put you in touch with both. For a list of the best local firms Bonnys recommend click here.

Professional Advice

As a small, family business, Bonnys is our passion and our number one aim is to do right by our customers. We will use our knowledge and experience to give you the best possible deal at the lowest possible price, trying to save you money wherever we can. Happy customers are what helps us to build our reputation.

Exceptional Security

Security has always been at the top of our list as protecting your goods is our main priority. We’ve covered all types with high spec CCTV and top of the range alarm systems on the building as a whole and every single unit inside.

Modern Facilities

Forget the images of old dusty warehouses with spiders hanging from the ceiling. At Bonnys every single unit is newly built with the latest security and features. We’ve cut no corners in making our facilities clean, stylish and with ease of use in mind.